Justice for Lily works hard all year long trying to spread awareness of child abuse and help abused and or neglected children.

One of our biggest events is called an Angel Lily Christmas. Every year we try to bring the “Magic of Christmas” to these children. Each year we try and raise enough funds and provide gifts for over two hundred children. Trying to buy for this many children is extremely pricey, which is why we need the help and ask for sponsors. From the help we get from the sponsors we can accomplish our goals and make Christmas wonderful for each one of these children.

Our sponsors play such an important roll in this. What we ask our sponsors to do is to go shopping for children they have agreed to help. We ask they spend at least $100.00 on the items from the child’s wish list that they have been given. We ask them to shop for these children as if they were their very own. Once the sponsor is done shopping, they pick a date out of the several dates we offer to drop off their gifts. We then go through a routine we have in place. To start we go through all the purchased items marking off what the sponsor has purchased. We then make a list of the items that were not purchased from the list along with adding to the list if we feel the need to make siblings equal if necessary. We make sure each child has a good number of fun items, clothes, and self-care items if necessary. We then gather all the lists and go to the store and shop for the missing items for each child. Once everything is there and completed, we bag them all up along with the pillow, blanket and duffel bag or backpack we supply depending on the child’s age. We do this for every child we receive, this is not a quick process this takes us weeks to complete.

Once all the children are done, we hold a Santa breakfast where we invite all the foster parents and children that are local so they can pick up their gifts. While the children are eating or doing a craft the parents drive around back and we load the car with the gifts in black bags. For the ones that are not local around the middle of December we rent the biggest U-Haul truck that we can get and deliver those gifts to different agencies.

We are so very grateful for all the wonderful sponsors we get every year. We could not help as many children without you. Sponsors help make an Angel Lily Christmas happen. These children deserve to feel the Magic of Christmas and with all the help of our generous sponsors they get to.

If you want to help and can’t spend $100.00, that’s okay! We take any and all donations from all over the world. The form to be a sponsor is located on our page if you are interested.