An Angel Lily Christmas

An Angel Lily Christmas was started in memory of Lily Lynette after she was murdered and severely sexually abused on November 20, 2010. Her Step mother is spending the rest of her life in Prison with no chance of parole. At the funeral the priest said “This was not God, this was EVIL, as he looked at Lily’s father. He then turned to Lily’s mom and said “You now have a mission in life, that is to go out and save other children in Lily’s name.” That is where Justice for Lily started.

These pictures were taken the night before she was killed and serve as a reminder of the love she had for Christmas and others. It is our hope that we can bring that love and magic of Christmas morning to 250 other children who have been abused and neglected.

It is our mission to help abused or neglected children. At Christmas time we get our names from DHS. They are foster children. The state of Michigan gives each foster parent $25.00 per child to buy Christmas gifts. These children did not ask for the life they have been given It is not their fault their parents aren’t there. So we get the children’s wish list for Christmas. We then ask for sponsors. A sponsor will then get a child’s list. We ask our sponsors to spend at least $100 to help fill the child’s wish list. Then the sponsor returns the gifts to us unwrapped. We then mark off the items the sponsor bought and then go out and purchase the rest of the items on their list (within reason, no iPads, expensive video game systems, etc) so that each child gets just about everything they have asked for on Christmas morning. Each child over the age of 10 also gets a pillow, blanket, and duffel bag. Kids 3 and up get a pillow and blanket and under 3 each get a blanket.

We also accept monetary donations and wrapping supplies to be used to supplement and provide foster parents with items needed to wrap the gifts. If you would like more information please email God Bless you!