Justice For Lily Softball Tournament 2012

A few years ago Lily came to a tournament at Replays for a little girl with cancer to cheer us on. It was amazing to see her standing there cheering for us. I am so excited for this weekend because I know she will be up in heaven cheering everyone on that is supporting an [...]

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Past Events

"a tragedy in your life the way to get through is to help other people. Because when you help them you are helping yourself" ~Elizabeth Smart Thank You For Your Continued Support... 12/10/10 Central Harmony/OntheRox $1,500.00 04/01/11 L.A.C.A.D.A. $ 987.00 04/09/11 at the mom to mom sale $60.00 was donated to LLL of Lapeer 04/11/11 [...]

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