To start off, Lily was a little girl full of true vibrancy. I will never forget her smile. She had the smile that lit up any room. She had the beautiful brown eyes that would melt your heart. Lily was born on May 14 2008 to her Mother Lauren Furneaux and father Jeff Wolfenbarger. Lilys mom Lauren fell in love with Lily since day one. Lily grew and grew becoming smarter day by day. She loved her mommy and she sure did show it. Lily loved to watch Glee and sing a long with Mommy. She also enjoyed watching her Uncle Dodo sing. She enjoyed going to the beach with her mommy. Last year Lauren to her to Madera Beach in Florida and she loved it. She liked rolling around in the sand and playing with the seagulls. Lily was sent down from God to the Furneaux family. God could not have chosen a better family to raise Lily. She was always so happy& always smiling. Lily really loved her Mommy, Uncle Dodo& Ama and Papa. Lily loved singing and dancing and I know thats what she is doing in heaven right now. I love you Lily <3