Happy Father’s Day

With Father’s Day approaching I am sitting here thinking about how lucky I am to have the parents that I have.  My father is a man that all kids love.  His ability to act like a child and get down to a child’s level is one that all grandfathers should have with their grandchildren.  Lily knew how special her Papa was.  I look back and think about one time in particular I teared up as we were shopping in Walmart.  She said “Mama, can Papa be my daddy.”  I looked at her and wished that she had a father like mine.  I was so lucky to have a man who loved me unconditionally.  I was always first to him and so was Lily.  I had to tell her that she already had a daddy.  Even though it broke my heart to say those words I know that my father, Lily’s Papa, is the best man in the world.  I hope one day I can find Lily a stepfather that she will love from heaven as much as she loved her Papa.  Happy Father’s Day Dad.  Thank you for everything you have always done for me.  I am the luckiest daughter in the world.  Oh and I know she is up there saying, “I’m momma’s girl”…lol